9 Week Peaking Program Proven to Increase Strength, Power, and Speed

Ideal For Gi/No Gi Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo.

Key Features

  • 45-minute Workout Sessions

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization and Regenerative Exercises Designed to Prevent Injury

  • Exercise Video Library

  • Printable Workout Templates

    • Week 1-4 (Strength Phase)

      • Day 1-High intensity strength
      • Day 2- Work capacity/strength endurance
      • Day 3- Medium intensity
    • Week 5-7 (Strength/Speed Emphasis)

      • Day 1-High intensity power
      • Day 2-Low intensity power
      • Day 3-Medium intensity power
    • Week 8-9 (Peaking Phase)

      • Day 1 & 2- Time based rep scheme with speed emphasis


Walter Vitale

Walter Vitale

Great program. I would highly recommend it to any competitive grappler

Toghrul Asgarov

“This program will get your body primed and ready for competition”