Raw Strength

This is a proven program I have used on hundreds of combat athletes to help increase their strength to bodyweight ratio. The programming and methodology behind a program is what makes or breaks it. Anyone can throw some exercise together, but is it effective? As a grappler, your weight room time is limited. This program is the perfect solution for any grappler who wants a simple, concise, proven way to improve strength in between fight camps and competitions.  – Mark Philippi 

Grappler's Raw Strength

About the Program

It consist of two variations of three separate workouts. You will complete six unique workouts before starting the second rotation. It is not based on days of the week but rather incorporates a heavy/light sequence that allowing for more recovery time.

Each day consist of some type of “explosive speed” or “speed strength” movement, followed by a compound strength movements, and assistance work. The average intensity of the heavy days ranges from 80% to 90%. This program is great for an off season strength block that can prepare you for the Fight Camp Training Manual. This program contains 24 workouts that should be completed over a 6 week period. It comes with access to a video library that shows techniques for each exercise.

Strength for Injury Prevention

Strength training will never be a replacement for technique, but a grappler is foolish not to incorporate it in their arsenal.  Injury is the number one reason that keeps grapplers off of the mat. The only way to get better at grappling is mat time and you can’t train while you are injured. Decreasing the likelihood of an injury should be motivating enough to incorporate strength training several times a week. Strength training drastically decreases the chance of injury and will increase a grappler’s longevity.

What this program will NOT do

  • Make you bulky
  • Make you slower
  • Decrease your grappling technique

Equipment Required

  • Bumper Plates for Olympic lifting
  • A weight Rack for Squat, Bench, and Deadlift
  • Dumbbells